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Finishing Touches to Go on Massive Mural at Stoneridge Creek

This is one of the nine panels artist Morgan Bricca created from resident Ray Rychnovsky’s photography. The “Stoneridge Arcade” mural can be found on the outdoor passageway that connects residents to the main hall of the community.

A dynamic Bay Area duo has teamed up to create art that’s enhancing the lives of Stoneridge Creek residents. It took 100 hours and 30 tubes of paint to create the giant nine-panel mural outside Stoneridge Creek senior living community. San Francisco artist Morgan Bricca spent weeks making nature photos come to life. Her inspiration comes from Stoneridge Creek resident and photographer, Ray Rychnovsky.

Three times a week, Rychnovsky can be seen taking his camera along hiking trails near Stoneridge Creek. What he finds is a wildlife photographer’s dream: hawks, egrets, foxes and deer to name just a few.

“I’ve always enjoyed photography,” said Rychnovsky. “It’s so amazing to see wildlife around the area and be able to capture them with a lense.”

Rychnovksy exemplifies the independence and freedom afforded to seniors who call Stoneridge Creek home. He says the support system and worry-free lifestyle he enjoys at the community allow him to comfortably pursue his passions, like photography.

The mural using Rychnovsky’s work is titled “Stoneridge Arcade.” It’s located on an outdoor passageway that connects residents to the main hall. Each panel represents a photo Rychnovsky has taken.

“It’s very special,” Rychnovsky said. “I like getting pictures displayed but this is going to be here a long time.”

Before pursuing painting as a career, Bricca worked in computer technology. She wasn’t happy and left her job for a more artistic way of life. Now, she’s completed murals for big names like Google, Hilton Hotels, and Stanford University.

She says this mural will connect residents and team members at Stoneridge Creek for years to come. Instead of seeing a white wall outside their doors, residents will be greeted with plant and wildlife images Rychnovsky has photographed throughout the years.

“For me, this project reminds me why I paint. I have this special power, and it’s more powerful because we’re doing it together,” Bricca said. “It’s celebrating Ray’s passion with him.”

Recent studies show a connection between art and vitality for seniors, and it’s proven to enhance the lives and health of older adults. Bricca says this experience has encouraged her to get to know the residents at the community and learn more about their fascinating lives.

Their amazing story was recently highlighted on NBC’s “Bay Area Proud.” You can watch it here.

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